Is Your Sauce Boss?

Want to have a chance to win $1,000? Before we go any further, we wanted to share with you a contest Kikkoman is holding now until September 13th. Get your game face on – The Master Sauce Contest is here! Show us what you can do with soy sauce. Share your best marinade, salad dressing, BBQ sauce or stir fry sauce recipe and you could win up to $1,000. Check out Kikkoman’s Facebook page to enter the contest.

While you’re on the computer, check out our recipes under our Home Cooks section of You might be surprised to find out how quick and easy it is to turn a trend, like the one we are talking about below, into a nightly staple. Tweet your favorite recipes to us and we can compare and contrast our street food fare!

Speaking of street food. Do you live in a big city? Have you seen food trucks tearing through the city streets? Street Food is one of the hottest trends in dining. But what does street food mean? Well, it’s everything from a hot dog stand on a busy Manhattan corner, a curbside chat stall in Bombay, or a pushcart peddling roasted corn on the cob slathered with chile-lime mayo on a plaza in Puerto Vallarta, to a hip Asian Taco truck or an upscale cupcake-mobile in L.A. Street food’s been around since before there were streets.

So why the sudden explosion in popularity? It’s partly due to the broadening of our horizons as it becomes easier and more popular than ever to travel to more “exotic” countries where street food is part of the culture. With the rise of food TV featuring adventurous dining and out-of-the-way specialties, travelers are seeking out more unusual dining options. Back in the U.S., immigrants are serving up ethnic street food specialties that also appeal to a broader market. It’s a great way for people to sample foods they might be intimidated to try in other countries because of the language barrier or concerns about food safety.

Inexpensive yet interesting dining options are a hot commodity in today’s economy—social media buzz from Twitter feeds and blogs drives diners to be the first to try (and “Yelp” about) a new food stand. And for cash-strapped entrepreneurs, a street food cart is a great way to start a business on a shoestring or to increase the profile of an existing restaurant.

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